Diverse Engineering Experience

Ward Systems - designs, fabricates and installs turnkey automation systems for material handling, assembly and packaging.

 Conceptual Design

This is where we shine the brightest!  Over the years, we have conceived some of the most ingenious devices and machines to automate machines.  We have developed some incredible robotic grippers, parts handling techniques and feed systems over the last 28 years.  Many of these have resulted in patents.

 Design Engineering

We Mechanically Design Equipment in SolidWorks - We do FEA analysis of parts and assemblies 

We 3D print validation models to test fit components before manufacturing - We 3D print production robotic end effectors - We 3D print fixtures for automation and manual assembly

 Controls Engineering

The hardest part of automation is getting unlike devices to work together - We do research to determine device selection that has been perfected over many years of automation development.  We do controls layouts and create electrical schematics to support production of control cabinets 

Control Software 

Develop PLC or equivalent controller software - Program support devices like cameras, communication devices, Laser scanners and other specialty sensors

 Manufacturing Engineering

We can improve your manufacturing by designing processes, fixtures and other tooling to aid and assist manual or robotic assembly.

 Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning Supervision

Project Manage Fabrication and Commissioning of Equipment and production lines


 Product Development:

  • Vending Pizza Vending machine that has a refrigerated holding and cooking sections

  • CD Duplication -  We developed a CD loader writer that was used to do back-ups of employee work data
  • Agricultural Developed Machines to Transplant  Broccoli and Cauliflower from trays into rows in a field

Industrial and Equipment:

  • Aerospace - Low Profile Heavy AGV's that carry 787 fixtures into Autoclaves
  • Aerospace Low Profile AGV's that carry F-35 Wing Fixtures to Work Cells and Autoclaves
  • Mat'l Handling - Overhead PowerPallet Vehicle Based Conveyors connecting production lines
  • Automotive Turnkey production line using PowerPallet Automatic Vehicles
  • Automotive - 5 Ton Pressure Lamination Machines

  • Robotics - Keyboard and Mouse assembly lines using SCARA Robot arms
  • Robotics Computer Production Lines
  • Robotics - Polarized Compensator test and package Line
  • Robotics Move blood plasma from source tube to capped microtubes
  • Pharmaceutical - Pipette Tip Racking from bulk
  • Pharmaceutical Pipette Tip  Filtering into racked tips
  • Pharmaceutical Install caps on Micro Centrifuge Tubes
  • Automotive - Built high speed elevators to ransport Tesla battery packs from the second floor manufacturing to the first floor production
  • Process - Developed Earwax Candle Wrapping Machine
  • Vending Developed Pizza Vending Machine
  • Controls - Convert Waste Water Treatment equip from India to Americanized PLC controls
  • Controls Covert Chinese Windmills to Americanized PLC controls