Ward Systems: inventor of the "PowerPallet" - a patented track born vehicle. 

AGVs and Material Handling Systems

Material Handling System


In 1997 WARD invented the "PowerPallet".  A vehicle-based conveyor system that inverted the conventional way conveyors are made.

With the PowerPallet we took the conventional motorized conveyor system transporting simple trays, and reversed it to be motorized trays traveling on a simple extruded track system. 

This shifted all of the conveyor components from being hundreds of feet of installed motors and sensors; to being stand alone, replaceable vehicles, on an extruded track.  Downtime for routine maintenance moved offline with the removable vehicles.  

Then, in 2007, Using the PowerPallet, Ward Systems was a first implementer of a Vehicle Based Storage and Retrieval Systems.  We stored 72 lay-up mandrels for the leading-edge slats on the 787, and delivered them to 6 lay-up and 3 mold loading stations in the bond room.  This began the implementation of Vehicle Based Storage and RetrievalVBSR

These are vehicles that can drive freely in a storage rack system or on open floor to the next point of use.  This made one vehicle the connection from floor locations to the multiple levels of a vertical storage system.

They improve storage density by allowing deep lane storage and removing the need for forklift sized isles in a pallet rack system.  We use elevators to access the levels of the storage system.  

Being an AGV, we can deliver to a pier attached to the storage system, or exit the storage system at floor level to transport the payload directly to any location in the facility. 

Our AGVs can do 90-degree direction changes in place before moving.  This 4-way move capability eliminates lost floor space associated with sweeping turns.

A unique capability of our vehicle is the ability to operate directly on assembly lines to transport the product through all the assembly stations and then deliver it to pack-out or storage.

It doesn't matter if it's a shipping dock, sortation linear assembly station. 

We are able to craft a system that can meet each customer's unique requirements.  Besides meeting our own high quality internal standards, we meet Mil-Spec, UL, and CE standards.

Uses:  Distribution Centers, Order Fulfillment Centers, Manufacturing Facilities.

It doesn't matter if the payload is a tote, wooden GMA pallet or a shipping container; we can size the vehicle to store and retrieve it. 

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