ASRS of out-sized tools

Storage system using AGV vehicles

Storage/Retrieval of Lay-up Tools

WARD engineered and manufactured this large scale vertical automated storage/retrieval (AS/RS) and lay-up system for a customer in the aerospace industry. This system was based on the use of vehicles to store and retrieve the tools and deliver them to the lay-up room workstations. This was for the Boeing 787 Leading edge slats.

The storage part of this system measures 24′ wide, 80′ long, and is 19′ high. It incorporates 6 bays of 12 storage spots with 6 elevators. The AS/RS system features a 7-level storage unit housing 72 Lay-up Tools, each up to 20′ feet long and weighing as much as 3,200 lbs.

The Lay-up part of the system incorporates 300′ of track, 11 individual workstations, 10 vehicles, and is operated via user-friendly touchscreen consoles.

After the lay-up process, a 6′ x 22′ open floor AGV moves the 15,000 lb. molds to the curing machine.

This complex system was the result of one year’s worth of thoughtful engineering, meticulous planning, precision fabrication, and careful installation.

Overhead Transport

PowerPallet based track-born AGVs transported computer screens from the initial assembly area – overhead, to the final assembly area and packout process.

Honeycomb Panel Manufacturing

PowerPallet based track-born AGVs transported fixtures through many stations of sheetmetal and honeycomb installation and into pressure/temperature laminating machines to complete a finished honeycomb panel for the Chevy Avalanche – Tonneau Cover.


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