Industrial Control System Engineering

Ward Ventures Dedicated assembly machines, high speed elevators, low voltage high current AGVs, robotic modules; we’ve done it all!

We can architect, design, fabricate, assemble, integrate, install, debug, and optimize software using PLC’s, PAC’s, and PC systems.

Wireless:  We were one of the first companies to start using wireless control technology in 2000 and 2001. We are pioneers in that field.  We used the first version of Wireless Device Net to talk to 25 autonomous battery powered vehicles on an 800-foot extruded track conveyor system.

Embedded Controls:  We developed a series of in-house custom control boards for AGV control using DSPIC microcontrollers.  These boards had 802.11 wireless radios to talk to the fleet controller and used CAN-Bus to talk to the supporting wheel bogie control boards.  We developed our own wireless hand-held pendants to control the vehicles.

Of course, we have used every type of PLC and an array of supporting devices in the course of 30 years.  We pride ourselves in implementing supporting devices that simplify and augment our control structures.

We offer customers the benefit of our broad knowledge and understanding of industrial control systems architectures.

No matter what the task at hand, Ward Ventures can Engineer the control system you need.

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Examples of our Work

Industrial & Wireless Control System Fabrication

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