Development & Manufacturing of an Oven Rack Mover for the Aerospace Industry


Transports 40,000 lb. fixtures with aircraft composite tooling between the shop floor workstations and the Autoclave.

The low-profile vehicle. Being only 13 inches high allowed it to drive under the 15″ high oven rack fixtures.

The unlimited rotation of the four corner bogies, allow the vehicle to begin movement in any of four directions from a standstill or rotate the entire vehicle in place.

The vehicle was equipped with 4 Laser scanners for 360° safety and uses 4 cameras for guidance in any of 4 directions.

An overall fleet controller managed the traffic flow for multiple vehicles.  Wireless pendants allowed manual driving of the vehicles.

At the customer site, we laid out and installed the guidance lines and RFID tags that would direct the vehicles.

We fully commissioned the system, trained staff, and provided full operating, diagnostic, and maintenance documentation.

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