Custom Automation Systems

Automation System

When experience, knowledge, and quality are what you are looking for in a custom automation company, look no further than WARD.

From stand-alone cells to completely integrated product lines, that’s our specialty.   This includes all automation, fixturing, and material handling.  We have the solutions.

Industries Covered:

Aerospace – Automotive – Pharmaceutical – Electronics Assembly – Packaging – And Nuclear

Storage Systems – Storage AGVs – Elevators

Cobots – SCARA robots – Gantry robots

Specialized Grippers – Camera Systems – Measurement Sensors

Servo Systems

Dedicated Indexing Machines

Process monitoring – Lot tracking – Serialization

Control systems for windmills, waste water treatment, concrete forming

We produce high quality, safe, and reliable systems.

To learn more about our custom automation systems, contact Ward.

Examples of our Work